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Expressions Streaming


A feature we are proud to offer is Expressions Streaming. Is Grandmother out of town? Dad deployed over seas? Add Expressions Streaming to your package and they can watch your sonogram session live from any Computer or mobile device! It's simple, when booking your session let the Lasting Expressions representative know that you would like streaming and we will give you a special link for them to sign in. The extra cost is minimal for this feature.



  • Is streaming available in all packages?

    This option is only available with packages that include a full 4D experience.

  • Can I have more than one person watching?                                             Yes, more than one person can log into the streaming. The initial charge is $15, with each additional person costing only $5.

  • What if the person cannot see the live feed?                                                   We can try to troobleshoot and if we are still unable to make it so the client can see we will refund the feature.

  • Can some see the feed later?                                                                     Yes we have the option for them to see the feed at a later time.

  • Will I be in any of the video?                                                                       You can choose to have an HD webcam aimed at you so they can see you. Sound can be added one-way or two-way, it's completely up to you!



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